Hi there. Here's what I do best (or, at least, enjoy most):
Connect different people and groups to help them learn from one another.
I focus strongly - though not exclusively - on inclusion and engagement in STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) fields.

Here's how I do it

Check out I'm a Scientist, Get me out of here

I'm a Scientist, Get me out of here

And other online engagement projects that create conversations between communities
the 'day job'- if 'day job' means 'something I'm immensely proud to work on for regular money'

Rising Ape Collective science communication site

Rising Ape Collective

Immersive live events for thinking adults
Training for people organising public engagement
yeah, basically the classic '#creativeoutlet and #scicomm #sidehustle' taking on a life of its own

Bristol Science Communicators Facebook group

Bristol SciComm Socials

Informal monthly get togethers connecting people interested in science communication and working in public engagement
i like to think of this as much needed bonding time for this ragtag bunch @scicommsocbrs

pushing engagement blog logo

Pushing Engagement

Blog: a way to share great thinking with relevance for other people working in public engagement
Podcast: conversations with brilliant people from the world of public engagement and beyond - coming soon?
i really want to make this happen and, if you do too, get in touch

More about me

I currently work for Mangorolla CIC in Bath, helping scientists, engineers and other STEM related people (like astronauts) do amazing online public engagement with real impact.

I think it's good to

  • listen first, it makes things better
  • work with others, it makes things happen
  • learn from outside your field, it makes you better
  • keep bullet points to a minumum

Relevant experience

Project Wrangler: Mangorolla CIC

February 2015 - Present

Part of the team producing 20+ online engagement events since 2015, including I'm a Scientist, Get me out of here. Using my passion for inclusive public engagement to recruit and advise hundreds of scientists, engineers and other STEM professionals taking part. Writing winning funding bids to support the events. Enjoying building relationships with collaborating organisations and engaging with our enthusiastic community of event alumni through social media and mailing lists. Analysing and evaluating the behaviour of participants to look for ways to improve what we do. Writing blog posts and copy for site, and working with designers to create promotional materials.

Producer: Rising Ape Collective

October 2014 - Present

Producing live audience-led events with collaborators including the Bristol Improv Theatre, Green Man Festival, Cancer Research UK, University of Bath, University of Bristol, UWE. Working with designers, researchers, directors, composers, actors, photographers. Managing the internal team's workloads, developing project roadmaps, monitoring budgets and accounts. Also responsible for community engagement and maintaining our web presence.

Fixer: Bristol Scicomm Socials

June 2016 - Present

Getting the local science communication and public engagement community together through monthly IRL socials. Booking venues and working with other organisations like Communicate Conference and Engage Conference to bring in new people. Promoting the events through social media and mailing lists.

Let's talk